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22 | ♒️ | She/Her | Ace/Lithromantic | Autistic | Washington Nationals fan ❤︎
Current obsession: BFDI and II
Twin 1/2 👭
From West Virginia
John 3:16 ❤︎

Royale High

I’ve been playing Royale High since January 5, 2018. I currently own all 7 sets and I’m the proud owner of a 2019 Valentine’s Halo.

From left to right: Valentine's Halo 2019, Miss Lady Rose set, Dear Dollie set, Shadow Empress set, Princess Starfrost set, Enchanting Heirloom set (does not come with heels), Darling Valentina, Spring Cherry Blossom


I started discovering musical clocks in 2005, starting with my Gramma’s Seiko QXM134BRH.
I got my first clock as a birthday gift in 2010, but I didn’t start collecting until 2016.

I currently own 8 clocks.
•Seiko “Symphony Orchestra” (QXM329NRH)
•Seiko 2016 Special Collector’s Edition (QXM565BRH)
•Rhythm Joyful Morning (4RM758WD23)
•Seiko 2017 Special Collector’s Edition (QXM574BRH)
•Seiko “Starry Night” (QXM470BRH)
•Rhythm Morning Melody (4RM763WR03)
•Seiko 2019 Special Collector’s Edition (QXM382BRH)
•Seiko “Branwen” (QXW239BLH)

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In loving memory of Lizzy_Winkle
October 17, 2004 ~ November 29, 2019

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